Design, installation and maintenance for lighting projects of industrial buildings, municipal facilities, and commercial developments. We install LED lighting technology, helping facilities and businesses save energy, money and maintenance costs.

Commercial LED Lighting

It’s common for businesses and municipalities to not recognize the costs of inefficient or outdated lighting. Electric consumption, maintenance, reduced worker productivity, and consumer confidence in the safety of your environment are all factors in increased costs and loss of revenue. ECS can assist in updating your facility with LED lighting and maintaining that lighting to ensure lower electric bills, less costly maintenance and improved productivity.

Most businesses and school districts don’t realize how much commercial lighting impacts their bottom line. Electric bills, maintenance costs, and sales are all affected by lighting. FSG helps businesses get LED lighting for their facilities that lower electric bills and maintenance costs while improving productivity in the workspace.

Efficient, Safer Facilities

Ensure a safe and efficient work-space by updating your lighting. Our team can work around your schedule to complete the project while minimizing work stoppage. Bright, inviting lighting designs can help improve worker safety, provide confidence in customer safety, and improve your bottom line.